Who we are

Priority Metrics Group, Inc. (PMG) is a professional marketing consulting firm based in Spartanburg, SC, providing customized research, analysis and consultation services for our clients. We are experts at gathering and processing market information, analyzing data and translating this information into actionable growth initiatives.

Custom research

Our analysts will work closely with you to define and implement the project to provide you with the information you require. Custom projects may or may not be based upon a current IndustryInsight report. Examples include full scope commissioned studies, mini studies and market size studies.

  • Commissioned studies: If we have not produced a report on an industry in which you are interested, our analyst will work with you to define the industry and produce a full IndustryInsight report. Once produced, the report will be made available to any interested party.
  • Mini study: Mini studies are most often based upon a current report but provide a deeper dive into your specific issue or question.
  • Market size study: Market size studies provide key trends within the industry in a one to two page document and a current market size with a five-year forecast. 
  • Proprietary research project: PMG conducts market research for clients in a variety of industries. Review our approach here.

Contact us

Call Priority Metrics Group at (800) 742.0461 to discuss your needs or email: